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Before submitting an Exhibitor Site Application, exhibitors (particularly staff who will be attending the event) are requested to carefully read all YP Field Days conditions and Exhibitor information requirements as outlined on this website.

The YP Field Days committee and administration reserves the right to refuse to accept any application for a site from any exhibitor without assigning any reason for such refusal.

All applications must be submitted on the Exhibitor Site Application and allocations will only be made on receipt of this Application. Enquiries via telephone will not be accepted as a site application; neither site allocations nor bookings will be made in this manner. Every effort will be made to accommodate site application requests for the YP Field Days event, however an application to attend as an exhibitor does not necessarily guarantee a site allocation or booking. Please note that site preference will be given to agriculturally focused companies and that our General Interest section is limited.


Please do NOT send any payment with your Site Application. A YP Field Days Tax Invoice will be sent once a site allocation has been made, however the site booking and allocated site number will not be confirmed until receipt of the exhibitor’s full payment by the due date specified on your YPFD Tax Invoice.


If payment is not received by this date, monthly reminders will be sent, with an additional fee of $50.00 per reminder until the full site fee is paid.


Sites for which payment is not received by the deadline date of 5.00pm on the second Friday in August during the year of the event, cannot be guaranteed, nor can inclusion in the Official Programme and Directory.


Failure to pay for the site in full by the due date may result in the site being re-allocated. Companies/exhibitors will not be permitted access to their sites until full payment of their total site fees has been received and confirmed.



It is essential that exhibitors provide all details regarding their product and the full details of ALL other companies or persons displaying on, or sharing, their site. The information also enables the YP Field Days committee to be aware of all exhibitors on site and direct general enquiries accordingly.

This information will be listed in our “Official Programme and Directory” as published by our Major Sponsor Yorke Peninsula Country Times. 


Where an exhibitor has one or more companies present on their site that are not part of their core business, then a site sharer fee must be paid by each additional company sharing the site. All exhibitors sharing a site must be included on the Exhibitor Site Application. It is essential to list all other exhibitors on your site or, if required, included as an attachment. This assists us with exhibitor listings and advertising and reduces enquiries to the Administration Office during the field days.


Site Sharer Fee:  $165 (GST incl.) per site sharer. (Includes one Exhibitor 3-day pass)

All exhibitors on a site shall comply with the YP Field Days conditions, policies and requirements, including Public Liabilities Insurance.


Please be aware that:

  • NO sideshows/similar or show-type activities are permitted.

  • NO firearms or ammunition are permitted for sale or display.




  • Emergency Services


  • St John

  • SA Ambulance

  • Parenting Rooms



Published by our major sponsor “Yorke Peninsula Country Times”  YP Field Days Official Programme and Directory will be provided by Yorke Peninsula Country Times. The Official Programme will be inserted into the Yorke Peninsula Country Times one week prior to the event and will also be available at the Information centre in the centre of the site during the event.

YP Field Days recommend that exhibitors support and use this widely circulated publication to publicise both their product and participation at YP Field Days.



Adult   $20 per day + booking fees

Adult   $50 three-day pass + booking fees

Child   Free (12 years and under) or $5 per day (12 to 18 years)



Accommodation should be booked as soon as possible as bookings at local motels/hotels are generally at a premium.

Further details regarding caravan parks and other accommodation in the Copper Coast and Yorke Peninsula regions may be obtained by contacting The Copper Coast Visitor Information Centre, Kadina,  Phone 08 8821 2333

Freecall 1800 654 991 or Email

Visitors may also find accommodation available at Country Getaways via their website at


Overnight camping or after-hours presence of exhibitors, contractors, suppliers or any unauthorised persons on the Field Days site, adjoining car parks or within a 500 metre vicinity of the site is NOT permitted under any circumstance.

Camping sites for caravans and tents are available at the nearby Paskeville town oval managed by the Paskeville Community Centre.  Bookings can be directed to Phil Wapper, Phone 0418 859 678.



All exhibitor sites must be open for the general public between the hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm on each of the three days of the YP Field Days event.



All sites are allocated a permanent site number., before booking advertising or arranging delivery of equipment such as tents and marquees, please ensure that only the site number allocated and confirmed by YP Field Days Administration for the event is used.

Permanent site numbers have for all future events been allocated to all Indoor and Outdoor sites.  Please note that your site booking including the site number, will not be confirmed until receipt of full payment by the due date specified on the Tax Invoice.


The sale of second-hand items, goods and merchandise is not permitted on any site.



The Yorke Peninsula Field Days Inc. will engage a number of Site Marshals Marshals throughout the duration of the Field Days. The roles and duties of the Site Marshals include site reviews to ensure the safe construction, display and management of sites. In doing so, exhibitors are expected to comply a with requests and directions of Site Marshals . Should any exhibitor feel aggrieved by any direction of a Site Marshall, they should direct their concern to the Chief Executive Officer through the Administration office.


  • Gates will be open for exhibitors daily between: 7.00 to 8.30am, and 5.00 pm to 7.00pm during the event.

  • The site will be open for the general public from 9.00am to 5.00pm during the three days of the event.


EXHIBITOR ENTRY PASSES                                                                                                          

Passes are required for all exhibitors and each of their staff attending the YP Field Days. Limited numbers of exhibitor three-day passes are allocated with each site booked. Additional three-day exhibitor passes are available for purchase prior to the event.via a link forwarded by email to each exhibitor. 

Please Note: It is the responsibility of all exhibitors to ensure that they and all of their staff and/or volunteers have the appropriate passes that have been allocated, or purchased, for their entry to the event. YP Field Days Inc. will not be responsible for failure by any exhibitor or their staff to produce passes for entry to the site. 


Normal admission charges will apply at the gates if passes are not produced for entry.

No refunds will be made on passes.




Exhibitor sites are available for display set-up from Monday of the week prior to the event. All exhibitor displays must be in place no later than 6.30pm on Monday, of the week of the event, and are not permitted to be removed from exhibitor’s site before 5.00pm on Thursday, the last day of the event.


YP Field Days committee reserves the right to re-allocate any site for which site fees have not been received or is not occupied by the specified time. In addition, the YP Field Days Committee reserves the right to move or re-allocate an exhibitor from an existing or allocated site to another site if there are reasonable grounds for doing so.



ALL promotion of your exhibition is to remain within the boundaries of your allocated site. The exhibitor’s display shall not extend over the boundaries of their site nor may they tout for patronage outside of their boundaries. Signage, banners, sandwich boards, displays, equipment, marquees, and permitted vehicles must be confined within the boundaries of allocated sites. This includes tent pegs.

  • Promotional “Mascots” or similarly attired persons must remain within boundaries of your allocated site.

  • NO inflated balloons are permitted as promotional giveaways/sales on site.


Permission will not be granted for exhibitors or any other persons to hand out printed matter at the gates, in the car parks, or within the field days site; they may only do so on their allocated site.

Signage or similar found on fences or YP Field Days buildings/locations will be removed.


An area can be made available for private demonstrations.

  • A designated area and facilities for washing down machinery is available on site. Location details available from the administration office on arrival to set up.

  • Water for demonstrations is available on application – delivered to exhibitor site. Please indicate requirement on your Exhibitor Site Application.



Approved catering outlets and canteens are located throughout the site for the provision of a wide variety of food and drinks. Allocation of approved catering sites and caterers will be made at the end of April in the year of the event, from expressions of interest received prior to that time.

Potential caterers wishing to sell food and/or drinks, must submit an application via the website by the Friday of the second week in April in the year of the event. (This will require a simple means to lodge an expression of interest via the website, which will require information about the applicant, such as site size they require, the type of food / drinks they intend supplying, and their power needs).  


No exhibitor or person shall be permitted to publicly infringe the rights of the caterers approved by Yorke Peninsula Field Days Inc. No other exhibitor is permitted to sell food and/or drinks for consumption at the field days event. All caterers must comply with current health regulations in regard to the preparation and provision of food and drinks.


Exhibitors providing hospitality areas to their clients by providing limited food and refreshments on a complimentary or sample basis may only do so after 9am on any day of the event and must operate within the current Health Regulations.


No polystyrene foam containers are to be used for the provision of food or any other purpose (i.e. cups, food containers, plates, or any other similar item). Waxed cardboard containers only may be used.

Under the Single-use and Other Plastic Products (Waste Avoidance) Act 2020 the use of single-use plastic straws, cutlery and stirrers are prohibited from sale, supply or distribution in South Australia. These single-use items can be replaced with reusable and compostable alternatives. An exemption allows for the sale, supply and distribution of single-use plastic straws for people with a disability or medical needs.  An exemption also allows for single-use plastic straws attached to products such as juice or milk boxes to be excluded from the list of prohibited items.



Advertising through the Public Address System is available for three days of the Field Days event.

  • Three advertisements per day for three days.

  • Duration of 30 seconds per advertisement.  

  • Typed scripts, to be read by our announcers, will be accepted on, or before, Monday of the week of the event.

  • Pre-recorded scripts not exceeding 30 seconds may also be provided on CD.  


Public Address Package $220.00 (GST incl) Full payment must be made prior to announcements being made.



Amenities blocks are located throughout the site. showers are available from 7.00am to 6.30pm daily.



Selling of raffle tickets and charity collections including collection tins or similar are not permitted with the exception of the Official Charity as approved by the YP Field Days Committee.

No other raffles or competitions shall be conducted at the Field Days event without the prior permission of the YP Field Days committee.


Alcohol cannot be sold for consumption at the YP Field Days with the exception of the YP Field Days bar. General exhibitors may not sell any alcohol/alcoholic beverages, to be consumed during the field days, to visitors and/or clients.

A liquor licence must be obtained by exhibitors who offer bottled wine or similar for sale and/or tastings on their site. A Temporary (Limited) Liquor Licence must be obtained by any exhibitor intending to provide alcohol for social drinks, for their staff or clients, during the YP Field Days event.


YP Field Days reserves the right to restrict the provision of alcohol for consumption prior to 4pm on each day of the event. Therefore, approval will only be granted for times prior to 4pm to wine producers or similar providing free tastings, YPFD Bar/Bistro and for special requested circumstances.



Only cans or plastic cups are permitted for use. No glass containers are to be used or supplied.

Liquor Licence – Applications

Limited liquor licence details and application forms are available online from Consumer and Business Services (CBS) Website:

  • Applications must be made as soon as possible and no later than 21 days in advance of the field days event.

  • A letter of approval must also be obtained from the YP Field Days CEO and accompany all applications for a limited liquor licence. Additional approval from the District Council of the Copper Coast and SA Police is also required to accompany all applications.

Consumption of free/complimentary alcoholic beverages by staff, associates or guests within your allocated exhibit site area must be completely screened off from the public and not advertised.


It is the sole responsibility of all/any exhibitor to ensure that they comply with regulations applying to the Liquor Licence during the YP Field Days event.



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