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Parking and Vehicle Access Policies

In the interest of public safety, Risk Management, and Occupational Health and Safety, all on-site vehicle access will be kept to an absolute minimum. YP Field Days will strictly enforce a NO UNAUTHORISED VEHICLE MOVEMENT policy on site from 8.30am to 5.00pm on each day of the field days including the final day.




Marked Emergency Services vehicles will have unlimited access to the site at all times.



Vehicles which do not comply with YP Field Days Site parking policy may be subject to being towed.



Approved site service vehicles will be issued with a Service Vehicle Pass and will be permitted access and exit from one only designated gate.


The following vehicle passes will be available for exhibitors:


Only exhibitors with a Vehicle Site Access Pass will be allowed vehicle access onto the Field Days site between 7.00am-8.30am and 5.00pm-7.00pm daily to restock their site. Between 8.30am and 5.00pm exhibitors will NOT be permitted any vehicle access onto the field days site. During these times vehicles must be parked in the Exhibitor Car Parks (internal or external) unless otherwise approved by YP Field Days administration.

One (1) Site Access Pass will be allocated per exhibitor/site for their use during the three (3) days of the field days.

The Pass must be prominently displayed on the front windscreen of the vehicle at all times whilst on-site.



A limited number of Exhibitor External Car-Park Passes will be allocated per site to enable parking in the exhibitor external car parking areas only. This Pass will NOT allow entry to the field days site.


SITE PARKING PERMIT (Display vehicles, outdoor sites ONLY)

If an exhibitor wishes to use a registered vehicle as part of their site display they MUST apply for an Exhibitor Site Parking Permit for a display vehicle. The Permit must be prominently displayed on the front windscreen of the vehicle at all times and the display vehicle is to remain stationary on the exhibitor’s site between 8.30am and 5pm during the field days. Unregistered vehicles, such as new cars and machinery do not require a Site Parking Permit but must also remain stationary.

Site Parking Permits will not be issued to any exhibitor occupying a Pavilion site.



Vehicles found incorrectly parked, without correct permits, or driving around the site between 8.30am and 5.00pm, will be escorted off the site and will be not allowed to re-enter until after 5.00pm and may not be able to re-enter for any remaining days. All drivers must hold the required drivers licence for the respective vehicle and provide proof if requested.


Remember – DO NOT exceed 5kph on site at any time.





Exhibitor vehicles, transport trucks and contractors will NOT be able to enter or exit the site until after 5.00pm on the final day of the field days. If an exhibitor wishes to leave the site early on the final day then they must park their car in the external car parks.

BUSES – On Site

On-site courtesy buses will operate from allocated bus stops within the YP Field Days Site and travel around inside the site perimeter at regular intervals each day. These buses are provided free for YP Field Days’ patrons.

The courtesy buses will also operate for transport to and from car parks as required and may be utilised by exhibitors and the general public.


BUSES – Transport to/from site

Courtesy bus transport will also be provided by Yorke Peninsula Field Days and operate daily from Kadina, Wallaroo and Moonta to the Field Days Site and return. (times to be confirmed)

An additional courtesy bus will be available on request for transport between the Copper Triangle Aerodrome and YP Field Days site. (pick up and return)



A multi-level loading ramp is provided for exhibitors’ use. Refer to Site Plan. ALL self-propelled equipment MUST be unloaded/loaded in an unloading area which is SIGNED, MARKED and CORDONED OFF to prevent access by the general public. Unloading or loading of this type of equipment and vehicles is not permitted on exhibitors’ sites.


Display Vehicles

  • ALL display vehicles must be in position prior to the event being open to the public each day and cannot leave prior to the conclusion of the event each day.

  • ALL display vehicles MUST be registered (or permit) or have an applicable TRADE PLATE ATTACHED whilst being unloaded/loaded and moved to and from the exhibitor’s site.

  • NO passengers are to be in/on self-propelled equipment whilst being moved.

  • ALL vehicle drivers must be appropriately licensed to operate the vehicle.

  • NO movement/testing/demonstration of vehicles is permitted for the duration of this event without the EXPRESS PERMISSION of the event administration. Should permission be granted then the vehicle must be appropriately registered (e.g. Trader Plate attached) and movement restricted to a “walking pace” only.

  • It is recommended all unattended vehicles be locked and no keys left in any vehicle.

  • Exhibitors displaying vehicles MUST ensure that their site/display is compliant with current Occupational Health Safety and Welfare legislation to minimise risk to the public.

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