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It is the responsibility of all exhibitors to make their own arrangements regarding the hire of equipment and all other accessories required for their site, e.g. marquees, tents, tables, chairs, and trestles etc.

Direct contact with the various companies providing these services should be made as soon as possible.



To facilitate site set-up, courtesy facilities provided by YP Field Days include forklift and crane services. Exhibitors wishing to access these services should complete the application.


Advance bookings for either Forklifts or Cranes are required and must be made by contacting YP Field Days Office. The use of these facilities outside the times specified on the application will be entirely at the private arrangement and cost of the exhibitor and/or their company. YP Field Days accepts no liability for any costs incurred outside these dates and times.



Limit of up to ten per day, additional sheep may be available by negotiation only. Please note that the provision of sheep is for bone-fide exhibitors who require these for demonstrating shearing, crutching or sheep handling.

Sheep will not be hired nor made available to any other exhibitor for any other purpose.

Cost $6.00 (GST Inc) per sheep per day.


A contractor has been appointed to supply baled hay to the Yorke Peninsula Field Days and will be responsible for delivery to exhibitor’s sites.


  • Baled hay MUST be ordered via the Site Application. Cost per bale $10.00 (GST incl)

  • Please note that no baled hay will be sold, nor permitted, for use in any Pavilion



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Adelaide Expo hire business card_Page_1.jpg
Festival Hire business card.png


Tents/marquees and other equipment for your site are not available from the Field Days committee and needs to be pre-ordered via your choice of a hire company.

Please ensure that:

  1. Your tent or marquee, including all pegs/ropes/similar, will fit completely within your site boundary as the committee has the right to refuse the erection of any structure that does not fit within your site boundary.

  2. Your  site size and site number has been provided and confirmed by YP Field Days Administration.

  3. If you are ordering boothing, which may include provision of power points and lighting, for your site (other than the Grant Pavilion) you are required to also apply for power on your Exhibitor Site Application Form.

  4. Confirmation is received from YP Field Days Administration that power is available for your site location and also that the boothing will fit within your site boundaries (particularly in YP Field Days Pavilions).





The parcel pick-up courier service will be available daily from 11.00am to 5.00pm to transport customer-purchased goods from exhibitor sites to customer pick-up depots located at Western and Eastern areas of YP Field Days site. A minimum of 5kg and maximum of 80kg applies for the use of this service.

Parcel pick-up dockets will be distributed to exhibitors who may require this service and will also be available at the Parcel Pick Up Centre located on Mackley Road. Further information will be available from YP Field Days Administration Office.




Rubbish collections are made at intervals on each day by contractors. Large bins are located throughout the site for rubbish awaiting collection.

Plastic Bags

Please note your obligations in regards to the Plastic Shopping Bag (Waste Avoidance) Act 2008.

New legislation effective 4th May, 2009, prohibits the use by retailers of lightweight plastic (polyethylene) shopping bags with handles that are less than 35 microns in thickness whilst providing – at the same time – an exclusion for alternative plastic bags that are identifiable as either biodegradable or compostable or as being compliant with Australian Standards 4736-2006. The prohibition applies whether the bags are provided free, or for a fee.




The YP Field Days committee has a responsibility for the safety of the public on the site therefore exhibitor vehicles WILL NOT BE PERMITTED into the site or to move within the site for packing up before 5.00 pm on the Thursday of the event.  No machinery, equipment or other displays may be dismantled, loaded or removed from any exhibitor’s site or leave the YP Field Days site until after that time. If you need to leave early, please park your vehicle in the External Exhibitors Car Park.  


All machinery, displays and exhibits must be removed from the YP Field Days’ site no later than the last Monday in October, after the event. YP Field Days accepts no responsibility for any item left on the site after that date.

Refer to Clause 26 of the Conditions.



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