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President’s Welcome and Invitation

Greg Stevens
Greg Stevens

On behalf of the Yorke Peninsula Field Days committee and members I would like to invite you to attend our Biennial Field Days to be held in September 2023 at our site near Paskeville, South Australia.

The Yorke Peninsula Field Days is the oldest Field Days in Australia and draws on that experience to offer an outstanding multi day event featuring a diverse range of agricultural and general interest exhibitors.

Australian agriculture, like many other industries is innovative and adapting to change both within the industry and outside. In the last few years Covid19 has made us realise that many of the previous onerous tasks in agriculture can now be undertaken using modern equipment and modern technology. There are very few implements on the farm that do not have a GPS setup to assist with precision farming. The cropping industry is not the only sector using advanced science with livestock now individually tagged so that ‘paddock to plate” information can be fully utilised with both the consumer and farmer benefitting from it. 

Going forward drones are becoming a visible feature in some parts of farming with the use of infra-red or plant DNA identification technology, drones are now being used for precision weed plant control and paddock scanning. Drones are already used in  livestock management both domestic and feral with water resource control as well as natural environmental surveys.

The future is now unfolding before our eyes and the next generation of farmers are already embracing these new ideas many of which will be on display at these Yorke Peninsula Field Days.

On visiting the Yorke Peninsula Field Days you will have the opportunity to visit more than 600 exhibitors showcasing agricultural products and services, general interest as well as food and entertainment.

The Yorke Peninsula Field Days regularly hosts up to 20,000 attendees over the 3 days and an event of this size takes a considerable amount of preparation. I acknowledge the Agricultural Bureaus, their members and their delegates plus the Community delegates who make up the Field Days Committee, the Field Days staff and the many other volunteers who continue to dedicate their time and resources to make the Yorke Peninsula Field Days the success that it is. I would also like to thank both the individual and local community organisations, who offer valuable service before, during and after the event.

I would also like to thank our sponsors for their support, in particular The Yorke Peninsula Country Times which provides the Yorke Peninsula Field Day Official Programme and Directory in which we encourage exhibitors to advertise their attendance and products.

The Committee and Member Bureau’s look forward to welcoming you the 2023 Yorke Peninsula Field Days

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