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All Exhibitors, their employees, contractors, representatives and/or volunteers must abide by the current Work, Health and Safety Act 2012, as amended. The site allocated to you is considered an extension of your workplace. You and the YP Field Days have responsibility for the safety of staff and visitors to your site.



Exhibitors displaying and/or demonstrating machinery or any items that may be a potential danger to the public must ensure that every precaution is taken to comply with current safety regulations and requirements.

Exhibitors demonstrating angle grinders, welders and cut-off machines are warned of the danger of flying particles causing fire and eye damage and must comply with safety regulations with proper guards and screens fitted and must have a fire extinguisher available in the demonstration area.


  • All tent/marquee pegs must be covered and be within the perimeter of exhibitor’s site.

  • Temporary structures must be checked for stability and strength taking into account possible weather conditions (e.g. wind, rain, etc) and all silos and tanks MUST be securely anchored.

  • Heavy items are not to be stored at heights.

  • Equipment which is raised in the air must also comply with all safety requirements e.g. augers must not hang over roadways or another site.

  • Machine guarding to be in place.



Open fires are not permitted on site. We recommend that you have a readily accessible fire extinguisher, fire blanket and first aid kit on your site at all times.



The use of gas bottles within any building, pavilion or structure is not permitted unless safe to do so. The area must be clear and well ventilated and present no risk or danger to the public. All gas bottles and equipment must meet the current safety standards and regulations and be in test code.


INSURANCE – Public Liability

YP Field Days Inc. has Public Liability Insurance, however all exhibitors and site sharers must hold their own Public/Product Liability Insurance ($10,000,000 minimum) and are required to provide proof of their cover in the form of a Certificate of Currency.

The safety of exhibitors, staff, volunteers and visitors must be of the utmost consideration at all times and anyone conducting themselves in a dangerous or unsafe manner will be asked to leave immediately.

Please be aware of the safety of others when demonstrating, moving or using machines or implements on site. The on-site movement of machinery and vehicles must observe the speed limit of 5km/h at all times and flashing lights, where fitted, are to be used.



Due to public health and safety considerations, no dogs or other animals are permitted on the YP Field Days site with the exception of guide dogs, hearing dogs and specific dogs or other animals which are part of the YPFD event program or approved by the YPFD Administration.


Aircraft are not permitted to land on any area of the YP Field Days Site.


The Copper Triangle Aerodrome all weather airfield is situated between Kadina and Wallaroo approximately 20kms west of The YP Field Days site. Pilot information and “off-apron parking” details are available by contacting District Council of the Copper Coast. Phone 08 8828 1200


A courtesy bus will be available on request for transport between the Copper Triangle Aerodrome and YP Field Days site. (Pick up and return)



Drones are not permitted to be flown on, or within 500 metres of the field days site, including car parks at anytime, unless expressly authorised by and within the guidelines as determined by the YP Field Days management.


Should an exhibitor at any time feel aggrieved, or should a dispute arise, the matter should in the first instance be referred to a Site Marshall for clarification. If the matter remains unresolved, please refer the matter to the Administration Office for consideration. If the matter remains unresolved, it should be referred to the Yorke Peninsula Field Days Chief Executive Officer. While every effort will be made to ensure disputes are resolved to the mutual satisfaction of all parties, if this cannot be achieved, the decision of the Yorke Peninsula Field Days Chief Executive Officer will prevail.


Should a party to a dispute wish to appeal the decision of the Chief Executive Officer, they may do so in writing to the Chairperson, Yorke Peninsula Field Days Incorporated, PO Box 162 Kadina SA, 5554.


The Exhibitor accepts all responsibility for and shall hold the Yorke Peninsula Field Days Inc Committee indemnified against any death, injury, damage or loss to any person, persons or property howsoever arising and whether at or in consequence of the Field Days by reason of any act, omission or neglect of the Exhibitor or arising out of the transport, installation, use or demonstration of any machinery, implement, apparatus, static display or stand AND the Exhibitor hereby undertakes to faithfully conform with any regulations or bylaws made under such Acts of Parliament or by any Government, Semi Government or Local Government Authority duly authorised to make regulations or by-laws in connection herewith.


The Exhibitor is responsible for the condition of their allocated site for the duration of the Field Days and upon completion of the Field Days the Exhibitor shall clean all parts of the area affected by the Exhibitor’s presence thereon to the satisfaction of the Committee.


The Yorke Peninsula Field Days Inc. Committee shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to the Exhibitor’s property whilst on site. Security of the Exhibitor’s property or display shall be the responsibility of the Exhibitor.

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